Thinking Beyond Forward

It’s been a wild ride since Beyond Forward launched in October, and things are looking just as wild for 2018.  In a good way, of course. We’ve worked very hard to build a compelling brand over the past few three months, showcasing a wide variety of services: Graphic Design, Web Design, Infographic Design, Presentation Design, Branding, Storyboard Illustration and Sequential art. And momentum is building, as projects are underway with clients seeking dynamic, creative solutions. We can help your business, too, and it starts here. Consultation is free, so have at it.

Anyway, enough of my obvious promotional lead-in to this blog post. You get the picture: I love my job, and I’m excited to lead Beyond Forward into the new year.  Here’s what’s been happening:



Infographic design is just another aspect of visual storytelling. Underneath the surface, there’s a close relationship between infographic design and sequential art, which is probably why I’ve always enjoyed both forms of visual communication. The screen captured examples below are works-in-progress of a website design and PowerPoint presentation for a new client. Both projects use infographics as a key component in their messaging:



Once in a while, I get asked to help with a tv or film production, and I always jump at the opportunity to create storyboard art for these projects. Below is a snippet from a storyboard gig that I recently completed: 




And then there’s comic art and illustration. As much as I love Graphic Design and everything about it, I’ll land an occasional comic book or illustration gig. Lately, I’ve been more interested in coloring comics instead of handling all of the art duties on a book.  Since my foray into traditional plein air painting over the past couple years, I think I’ve developed a stronger appreciation for color theory. As a result, I find myself scrutinizing color choices more, not only in my illustrations, but also in my graphic design work. Below are recent examples of my comic coloring for new publisher Blackstone Comics, and a commissioned illustration for an app developer:





And finally, pool. That’s right. Pool. Here’s me, not sinking the cue ball, or accidentally flinging it across the room:




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